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Traffi Glove Biodegradable Disposable Glove Box of 50

Stock Code: TD02-M

We’ve changed the ingredients of traditional disposable gloves, which have a heavy carbon footprint, to a far lighter and more sustainable and measurable one.

Biodegradable- TD02 has been proven to rapidly biodegrade far faster than other nitrile biodegradable gloves on the market. This is due to its unique tri-polymer structure. Traditional nitrile gloves can take over 100 years on landfills. TD02 degrades by an impressive 82% within 90 days and is also highly suitable for industrial composting. * Tested to ISO 14855 Recycable packaging *Industrial composting – a multi-step, closely monitored composting process with measured inputs of water, air, as well as carbon and nitrogen-rich materials. An industrial composting facility optimises the process to ensure rapid biodegradation of organic material by controlling conditions like shredding material to the same size or controlling the temperature and oxygen levels and ensuring that a high quality, toxic-free compost is produced.

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