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Indestructable C Torch

Stock Code: SS16207E

VARTA Consumer Batteries is a provider of innovative, high-quality products in the battery, rechargeable battery, charger and torch sectors. These lights boast the perfect balance between elegant workmanship, easy handling and robust housing. The rugged three-component flashlight made of aluminium, ABS plastic and rubber is impact resistant for increased outdoor reliability Not only that, equipped with the latest LED technology will impress you with their amazing light output and attractive design but also with their low energy consumption. It is recommend that Varta High Energy size batteries are used in this device Varta LED lights offer you incredible performance with a lower drain on battery life, so that your torch is ready to keep up with your power needs. Varta is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of portable batteries and lighting. Delivering flexibility and independence, Varta is committed to developing cutting-edge solutions to support its customers’ on-the-go lifestyles. VARTA Consumer Batteries has set high standards for environmentally friendly development, resource-saving production, safe and long-lasting service life, and effective waste disposal. With cutting edge, industry-leading technologies we can reduce or even entirely prevent any possible adverse effects on the environment.

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