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V-TUF VTM Mini HSV M Class Mini Dust Extractor (110V)

Stock Code: VTM1110M110V

The UK Health and Safety Executive has recently introduced the M-Class rating as the minimum legal requirement for all construction sites. Unrated vacuum cleaners can exhaust up to 85% of harmful dust back into you breathing space. This dust can't be seen by the naked eye and remains airborne for up to 8 hours. The V-TUF VTM1 M-Class MINI filter protects your motor and your health!

The M-Class MINI Dust Extraction vacuum comprises of a H13 HEPA rated filter, enabling 99.9% filtration efficiency for compliant and safe dust extraction throughout your project.

It has a built in extraction velocity monitor that works tirelessly to guarantee you optimum suction and airflow, and it also features an audible alarm that will alert to any blockages or potential reduction in airflow pressure.

This dust extraction vacuum includes an automatic filter shaker and washable filters that work together to save you both time and cost in the maintenance and upkeep of your equipment throughout its lifetime.

You can also un-clog the filter without exposing yourself to harmful dust by using the Integrated Filter Shaker System - and if you ever need to give the filter a good, deep clean, simply remove the filter and place it in the dishwasher.

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M-Class Mini HSV Datasheet M-Class Mini HSV Datasheet.pdf
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