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LFX Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher

Stock Code: FX-LI-003-MCF

Designed and developed to specifically tackle the unique risks of lithium-ion battery fires, CommanderEDGE LFX 3ltr Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher works instantly to create a fire safe scene.

Part of The Green Range, this three-litre fire extinguisher is completely fluorine-free and fiercely tackles the unique risks of lithium-ion battery fires.

Suitable for devices up to 300Wh ratings, our compact yet high-performing fire extinguisher is ideal for environments with mobile phones and laptops (such as schools, offices, or repair stores), workshops using cordless drills, and homes where items such as smart tablets are in use.

Using a water-based agent that discharges as an endothermic foam, LFX quickly breaks down the chain reaction in thermal runaway and cools the temperature of the batteries, absorbing significantly more heat than water alone. It also protects from secondary A-class fires, extinguishing any ‘peripheral’ fires potentially caused by exploding batteries.

With the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 now recognising that lithium-ion batteries need to be considered in all fire risk assessments in the UK, there has never been a better time to stock up on this innovative solution and stay prepared.

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