Standard Duty Tac Mat 1150MM x 450MM - Safety Signs UK Ltd

Standard Duty Tac Mat 1150MM x 450MM

Stock Code: SS14021

Description: Sticky Tack Adhesive Entrance Floor Mats Size: 1150mm x 450mm Pack Qty: 1 Mat (each mat has 30 layers) Colour: White Manufactured to the highest specifications, Each sticky mat contains 30 sticky layers which attract the dust and dirt when walked on, when the top layer becomes saturated with dirt, you simply peel off the top layer to reveal a brand new sticky surface underneath Ideal for Busy building Sites! • An economical solution to contamination control for clean rooms • Manufactured from an anti-microbial agent • Protects against the growth of organisms such as bacteria, mould and mildew • Adhesive coated surface captures dirt and dust particles • Traps dirt from wheels and pedestrian foot traffic • Disposable layers – peel off soiled sheets to reveal a clean layer • Adhesive backed pads stick directly to floor surface • Approved for direct food contact

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